Commemoration ‘2007: Letter From Mrs. Went

All good wishes for the annual commemoration on the 8th September 2007

Dear Mr Romanowicz,

I respond to the article on page 29 of the Sunday Argus of 2 September ’07, “Epic and bloody fight for freedom”.

“Bob” Burgess, mentioned in the article, together with his wife, Inez, an army nurse, spent their final years in this retirement home. They moved in in July 2002 and were very happy here. They both became very frail in time and were cared for in the frail care unit of the home for the last year or two. Inez passed away on 4 July and Bob on 14 July this year.

Their son and daughter had both left the country to live in New Zealand and visited as often as they were able. The medal issued by the Polish Government (?) a few years ago and sent to Bob, has been handed to his son who has kept Bob’s scrap book, medals and other Air Force memorablia.

All good wishes for the annual Warsaw Uprising and airlift commemoration next Saturday. I wonder if some of the Polish evacuees who were at school with me will be present? Unfortunately I don’t rememeber their names, but I recall a small group of girls who used to spend much of their free time doing the most beautiful embroidery!

Kind regards,

Marion Went – Manager
The Brown & Annie Lawrence Home
7 Broadwalk, Pinelands 7405

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